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 We feed our puppies Life Abundance All life stages. This food has the antioxidants and taurine your puppy and adult will need for a healthy life. Current research has shown that taurine deficiency has been linked to Dilated Cardiomyopathy. And the antioxidants may affect cancer chances just like in humans. I also recommend the Life Abundance antioxidant health bars for dogs to make sure they are getting enough.  You can buy the food , health bars and supplements at

  I feed ground beef or chicken cooked with rice & vegetables instead of canned food. And Bil-Jac Frozen food or string cheese for training treats.  I recommend rawhides ( appropriate sized for your dog ) for chewing. But not greenies or nylabones due to a choking hazard and/or intestinal blockage. And on that note ; no tennis balls as dogs can break them apart and eat them , resulting in serious issues. Chuck It balls or solid rubber balls are safer for your dog.

 So enjoy your new puppy and here is to a long and happy life together !


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